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5 Reasons Why Responsive Websites Are Better

Businesses everywhere are turning to responsive websites. So when we designed our new website, we were no different – as we also wanted our website to be perfect for the modern digital landscape.

So here is why we, and so many others are making a move towards responsive websites. Here are five reasons your next build should be responsive too.

responsive websites

Brand consistency

Your customers’ first port of call is most likely to be your website. Therefore, giving users a uniform experience across all platforms will make your brand more immediately recognisable, help to increase trust and crucially drive sales.

Conversion rate

Consistency allows repeat users to navigate your site even if they visit on a new device, as they quickly become familiar with the layout. It’s not unusual for people to find something on their mobile before making a purchase on their desktop back at home.

A responsive site smoothes the transition between devices. Conversion rates will not be restricted by traffic sources; and that means every hit can become a potential sale.

Sell smart

Not all shoppers only buy at home. Indicators point towards the amount spent on mobile devices globally in 2015 breaching the $1trillion mark.

This demonstrates shoppers’ growing confidence in making online purchases while out on the move. A responsive site will keep you inline with the modern mobile consumer.

Joined-up campaigning

By the end of 2014, 53% of all emails were opened on a mobile phone or tablet. Social media browsing is an increasingly mobile pursuit that spans all demographics and platforms.

If you’re running an email or social media campaign, your audience needs to be driven towards to a site they can use, making a responsive website essential.


Google has confirmed that their mobile SEO algorithm will now factor in suitability for mobile or whether a site is suited to mobile use. The search giant has gone so far as to refer to responsive websites best practice in the industry. Listen to Google: if you want to rank higher in the search results, they have spoken out – and have a responsive site is definitely going to increase your chances.

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