Getting To Grips With HTML5

Book Review: HTML5 for Web Designers – Jeremy Keith

With the HTML5 specification not yet finalised and the availability of features across browsers patchy at best, many people in the industry still see getting to grips with HTML5 as a topic for there “Nice to Have” list.

After trying to get a copy of this book for a while, it was good to finally read through it. A beautifully designed and well structured piece of literature, I was able to read through it in a single evening as its less than 100 pages.

Jeremy Keith’s writing style is both informative and light hearted. He has a way of explaining HTML5 simply and in such a way that it won’t patronise you, but in fact gives you little tidbits to further research.

Whether you’re wanting to know more about best practice or should I say, “assumed practice” (due to the lack of aforementioned final specification), this book gives you simple analogies that you can put into practice when having a section vs article debate around the office.

Thoroughly recommended reading.