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Big Changes To Google Shopping

As part of our customers online marketing service we submit all of their products to Google Shopping, using a custom data feed. This is a really great way of improving the sites visibility and helps us with our ultimate goal; making them a return on their investment.

However, Google have been making changes which might have an affect on the ability to generate traffic from this source. This will NOT affect SEO, PPC positions or traffic. Previously Google collected the product information just by using the product title and description. However, from now on Google is trying to create a single page for every product and then on this page give users a list of sellers, prices, reviews and comments. In order to do this they now require 2 pieces of information, which need to supplied when adding new products to a website;

Google Shopping Now Requires:

MPN Attribute:

MPN stands for “Manufacturer Part Number”. Every manufacturer supplies a unique MPN for every different product which they make. You have 2 options for how you wish to input this information into Magento

SKU Field: You can use this pre-existing field to supply your MPN, if you don’t already.

Using the MPN Attribute: If your SKU field is used for another purpose, like an in-house record system or integrated with your tills, you can input the MPN number into your new MPN attribute which YOMA has created for you. To do this; simply click on any product inside Magento and scroll down to the new MPN field.

Manufacturer / Brand Attribute:

This information needs to be supplied for every product. If  the manufacturer of a product is known, it is really important to supply this information to Google. It is optional if you want this information to be visible on a website or not.

Help and information as you require         

If you would like anything further explaining, just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

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