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Magento Certification Achievements

November has started with a bang here at YOMA – Magento Agency!

We are pleased to announce that YOMA developers Becky Jones and Adam Hughes have successfully completed the Front End Magento Developer exam.

As the industry’s most popular open source eCommerce platform, this professional certification sets the bar for Magento developers worldwide and we are proud to announce Adam and Becky’s accomplishment.

Joining YOMA in September, Adam successfully passed the exam after only one month of working with Magento, which is a great achievement and clearly shows Adams hard work and commitment to his new role.

This is also a double achievement for YOMA developer Becky, who became the UK’s first listed female Magento accredited developer last year. Passing the Front End Magento Developer Certification now means Becky has two Magento certifications under her belt – Well done Becky!

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