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Record Breaking Online Shopping Figures

online shopping

Now that the Christmas rush is over, we are looking back at the record breaking eCommerce figures and trends from December 2012!

This year we saw UK internet users make over 84 million visits to retail websites on Christmas eve, with a further 107 million visits on Christmas Day, an astonishing 86% and 71% increase compared to the same days in December 2011, according to  eConsultancy.

While thousands braved the high street to snap up a bargain on boxing day, it seems that many consumers now chose to shop from the comfort of their own home, with UK online boxing day sales reaching a record high. The 26th December, which has now been declared as the UK’s biggest day for internet shopping, saw over 113 million visits to retailers’ website and sales throughout the day – up 17% compared to boxing day 2011, a new UK record for online shopping.

Tablet usage also played a huge role in eCommerce figures this year, with 15.84% of all online shopping done on boxing day via an iPad – a 109% increase from boxing day 2011. Mobile devices also influenced online sales, with over 8% of all online sales coming from an iPhone.

Despite a slow year for high street retailers, these figures show the success of Christmas 2012 for many online retailers and we hope this success will continue on into 2013.