Black friday

Our secrets on how to bag a bargain on “Black Friday”… Shh!

Run as fast as you can when the shop doors open for black friday. Don’t worry about who you’re standing on or crushing; as long you get that TV for £139 who cares… right?!

If anyone tries to take something you want and there’s none left, just keep throwing punches until they let go. If football hooligans do it over a ‘game’, surely girls can do it over underwear… no?

Don’t worry about how old someone is or whether they are a woman, just knock them down… the TV is obviously more important than them!

Remember to always shout abuse to try and throw others off their game, worked for this guy… or did it?

Let the bull out within and just get in there head first if all else fails!


If anything is going to scare away the competition, it will be the ultimate hidden weapon… the builder’s bum!

black friday fights 2014

That feeling when you have beaten the crowds…

black friday fights 2014

The question is, why aren’t all these people just shopping online? Oh wait… 

black friday website crashes