The Battle of the Retail Christmas Adverts

The battle of the retail Christmas adverts this year has become a key talking point, especially here at Yoma!

From John Lewis, Morrisons, M&S and Tesco – UK high street retailers have definitely stepped it up this year, adding a creative flare to the traditional Christmas Ad!

Here’s what the team at Yoma think of this years top adverts;

John Lewis
Tugging on our heartstrings, John Lewis have used the traditional loving snowman to draw in the customers this Christmas – and they have certainly won us over .
Yoma Score: 9/10

Adding a little humor to our TV Screens, Tesco re-introduce the loving “Furby” children’s toy, throwing in a great Lionel Richie soundtrack for the fun of it.
Yoma Score: 7/10

Marks and Spencer
M&S are normally create some of the best tv adverts but this year, the montage of cheesy party songs didn’t do it for us! The advert doesn’t scream “CHRISTMAS!” – more snow and Christmas songs next year please.
Yoma Score: 4/10

Any advert that features a turkey fighting in a boxing ring is sure to generate a few laughs. Morrisons have summed up the joys (and stress) of Christmas in a 90 second ad. Thumbs up from us!
Yoma Score: 8/10

Barclay Card
Great ad from Barclay Card this year – its pretty hard to make a bank appear fun and engaging, but Barclay’s have managed to do this and much more with this fun and lighthearted advert.
Yoma Score: 9/10

Coca Cola – Our all time favorite 
Its not Christmas until you see the Coca Cola Advert! The famous Coca Cola trucks and the classic “Holidays are coming” soundtrack is a classic that everyone loves. Our message to Coca Cola – if its not broke, don’t fix it!
Yoma Score: 10/10

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