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Why Choose Magento?

In the first installment of our Ultimate Magento Buyers’ Guide series, we answer the most basic and most common question of them all: why choose Magento?

Here are nine reasons why you should.

  • SEO Friendly

Right out the box, Magento will give you great SEO results. The platform was built with the purpose of SEO efficiency, and creates search engine-friendly URLs, site maps and meta information for your products. That will improve your Google ranking, helping you to generate more organic traffic for your business.

  • Mobile friendly

More and more shoppers are buying on the go using smartphones and other portable devices. Magento shopping carts are responsive, so your customers can view them on mobile devices with no hassle. That means you never have to lose out on a potential sale. Having a mobile friendly site will also boost your SEO for mobile browsers.

why choose magento?

  • Expansive and powerful

A Magento platform can support at least half a million products on a single site as well as having the power to function even where there’s high demand, and is able to handle over 80,000 orders in a single hour.

  • Support

Support is available on Magento in a huge range of areas, making it possible to run an e-commerce site in different and multiple countries. In digital terms, support includes localisation, various currencies and different tax rates. On the page, there’s support for accented characters and right to left text. It means wherever your business is based, and wherever it grows, you can be prepared.

Why choose Magento

  • Community


Close to a quarter of a million businesses use Magento for e-commerce, while an estimated 800,000 developers around the world use the platform. The community that uses Magento isn’t just very large, it is actively engaged as well.

A great example of this network of users providing mutual support could be seen at the beginning of 2015 during the BETA stage of Magento 2.0. The community were able to trial updates before they were fully rolled out, ensuring the product was optimized for the very people who use it.

  • Upsell options


You can easily add prompts to browse similar items or related options to your Magento platform. That allows you to enhance the user experience as well as your sales potential.

  • Customise your platform

The modular architecture and open source, PHP code of Magento makes it possible to customise the platform both front and back end. That means you can change layouts and templates that your customers will use each time they buy, as well as event, observer, rewrites and grids that work for you behind the scenes.

  • Third party integration

Magento provides excellent scope to connect your business’s e-commerce platform with existing, third party extensions and plug-ins such as Realex’s Magento e-commerce plug-in they’ve designed with the help of Yoma, plus others including Ebay, Paypal, Mail Chimp and Google Shopping. That makes the user experience better and will improve your overall sales conversion rate.

  • Security

Security is a massive part of the Magento platform. Magento Enterprise Edition even comes with a Secure Payment Bridge that provides PCI Data Security Standard. The security options are also massively customisable. You can keep your site safe and manage the level of internal access of different users, with multiple levels of security permission for various areas. That means Magento is secure for your customers, your staff and your business.

Watch this space for the next instalment in our series of posts around Magento…

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why choose magento