YOMA Get on Board with Enhanced Campaigns

When Google first announced the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, the PPC team at YOMA (myself included) were a little bit anxious about what this transition could mean. I will openly admit I am skeptical to change when it comes to AdWords.

Google drummed into us that separate device campaigns were best practice and we would reap the rewards if we followed suit. Now a few years later they are going back on that and telling us to combine it all together?? Personally, I love a good delve in the Segments in AdWords, so my first worry with the Enhanced Campaigns was ‘what am I supposed to do with the campaigns that haven’t performed well historically on tablets?’ and ‘how do I manage the daily budgets across the devices?’.

Enhanced Campaigns

However, now the forced migration deadline has arrived, I am in a better place. I have gone through the process of switching all our campaign to enhanced and spent a few days optimising the campaigns using the new features available.

My favourite of these is the Ad Group level Sitelinks. After seeing first hand an increase in CTR from Campaign Site Links a few years ago I was eager to see any changes in performance for Ad Group Sitelinks. As well as this, the new Description fields for the Site Links were also a nice addition. Since setting these up on one account a month ago, I have seen a 21.79% increase in CTR and a 15.15% increase in conversion rate. Not too shabby!

Its important to note that the character limit has changed from 35 to 25 characters for site links now. So any existing site links you were using that were over 35 characters, will not show. You won’t get a disapproval message or email until you click into the site links itself. A bit annoying.

Now here at YOMA we are eagerly awaiting the upgrade of AdWords Editor in line with the interface changes. And the Royal Baby Name of course!