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"I put my trust in Yoma many years ago, I now have 2 successful websites, our position on Google is always top 3, they have a great attitude, prepared to work hard and will always go that extra mile."
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Whether it’s buying a new pair of shoes or finding a new restaurant, Internet customers all know what they want from a web experience, but finding the sites that actually take them where they want to go is a different story.

Web design isn’t about xyz acronyms, flashy things that zip across a page or even how to make something look pretty on a monitor. It starts with listening, then researching and finally understanding the journey a user takes to complete a desired task or function. It’s about testing, not just to conform with W3C standards and accessibility, but with the users as well, making sure their journey is a good experience. It also means not being afraid to change things that don’t work, aren’t productive or result in a high rate of users ‘bouncing’ to a competitor’s site.

That’s where Yoma’s expertise comes in.

The sites we develop are not only beautifully designed and of the highest quality, but they work as they should do too. Although we are not afraid to experiment with new ideas or technology, we won’t do it just for the sake of it. At Yoma, we believe that fancy websites shouldn’t just look pretty; they should combine form with function, translating into a good looking business platform that brings in customers and converts visits into sales.

What We Do

We have helped hundreds of clients build a successful online brand because we have taken the time to understand how their audience wants a site to work.

With our e-Commerce clients, we make sure that their products look their very best and are easy to purchase, while integrating all facets of online marketing to get customers to come back for more. We’re not interested in generating one-off visits – we know you want repeat customers who’ll feel engaged and empowered by their visit, and will come back time and time again, as well as attracting new customers.

When developing content managed systems, we empower our clients by allowing them to update their content regularly and help put out a buzz about their brand.

At Yoma, we know that artistic ability is only one aspect of website design. We make sure that your website works on a business level too, giving you a combination of a great looking site and a sound business platform that gets your name out there.