X.Commerce Design & Development

Here at Your Online Marketing Agency, we are very pleased to announce our continued involvement with eBay’s new x.commerce development platform, an open source commerce operating system that will give both merchants and developers access to a full and powerful set of commercial capabilities.

This x.commerce development, as an open source platform, has combined the collective power of eBay itself, as well as PayPal, GSI Commerce and Magento. The innovative x.commerce design means that technology and services are all accessed through a hybrid, cloud-based model. This in itself offers huge x.commerce SEO opportunities from the outset.

The hybrid cloud model has been chosen because, being partially private, it can offer the security that eBay prides itself on, but can also draw upon the powerful resources available within public cloud computing. It is almost certain that the x.commerce design instigated by eBay will push other providers forward.

For this reason, x.commerce SEO can be designed and implemented in a manner specifically aiding merchant growth as well as assisting the developers, system integrators, agencies, consultants and service providers who are involved throughout the buying and selling process.

Modern technological advances, including social media and mobile applications, mean that consumers are changing the way in which they find and buy products. Naturally, merchants also need to keep up with the technology, hence eBay’s decision to go all out with the development and imminent release of x.commerce.

We are already a long standing Magento Silver (Solutions) Partner and the leading UK digital advertising agency for Magento websites. Our partnership will be further cemented by our joint work on the x.commerce project. Our part will be the design, development and marketing merchant sites ready for x.commerce use.

Here at Yoma we are 100% committed to x.commerce and with our extensive knowledge of design, usability, development, optimisation, social integration and Mobile commerce we hope to a part of making it a big success.