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February 2012

Google Update – Panda 3.3 in Black and White!
A new Panda update has been confirmed by Google at the same time as they announce 40 search updates that have either happened in the last month or are in the process of being implemented...
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Twitter to Reach 500 million users?
According to figures from Twopcharts this Wednesday could see Twitter reach 500 million users. This is the equivalent of 1 in every 14 people living today and what’s more, the social media channel’s growth is showing...
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The Cavern Club Web Build – A Day in the Life at Yoma
Iconic is a word that is often overused but not when describing The Cavern Club, the birth place of The Beatles. When Yoma were asked to design their website, we knew we needed to create...
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EU Cookie Law and E-commerce
On May 26th 2012 the EU Cookie Law will come into effect in the UK. This law will require website owners to significantly alter how their site operates as well as bringing about massive changes...
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Google launches Enhanced Ad Sitelinks
By now most PPC managers are familiar with Sitelinks and (hopefully) will have them enabled on their campaigns in order to increase CTR. There have been a number of setbacks for PPC ads. With the...
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Google Anayltics New Feature ‘Visitor Flow’ Explained
When optimising and evaluating PPC campaigns, it is crucial to amalgamate Google AdWords and Google Analytics data in order to see a true picture of a Campaign/Ad Group/Keywords performance. Two key things to look at in...
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Yoma’s Eye for E-commerce Fashion
Until recently the fashion industry has been relatively slow in making the leap into the digital arena, however, this is beginning to change. Although the recession has cut into high streets sales figures the economic...
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