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    26th November – Cyber Monday!

    Cyber MondayCyber Monday 2011 saw Brits spend an astonishing £19m an hour on the biggest online shopping day of the year - with a total outlay reaching a remarkable £465 Million in just 24 hours!
    Cyber Monday, claimed to be the day that most people place online orders in the run up to Christmas, is fast becoming a fixture in the pre-Christmas headlines.
    In the US, Cyber Monday is traditionally the date when retailers take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to discount and heavily promote goods, and the UK has now taking advantage of this online shopping Christmas Tradition.
    With online sales reportedly peaking between 1pm and 2pm, when office staff joined the online shopping rush during their lunch break, the last Monday in November is a key date for online retailers.
    According to The Daily Telegraph , the biggest selling items on this date were Amazon’s new Kindle, Apple ’s iPad 2 and iPod Touch, with Amazon reporting over 3 Million transactions in 24 Hours - Christopher North, Managing Director of Amazon.co.uk, said: ‘This year, Cyber Monday saw the most items ever ordered in a single day with Kindle being the stand-out product.
    The newspaper also quoted Argos as labeling 5 December as “Mobile Monday”, because of the amount of online shopping now done by smartphones and iPads, with more than 200,000 items reserved online. It cited the Centre for Retail Research, which found that £1.64 billion of shopping was done via mobile phone over Christmas 2011. 
    With the same results predicted for the 23rd November 2012 - It will be interesting to see the sheer number of consumers turning to online retail on this date, and the effect smartphone / tablets will have on this number.
    Did you get involved with Cyber Monday 2011 ? Did you see a rise in sales on this date? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter!