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    3 Key Dates For Workwear Campaigns

    For a wide range of businesses from construction companies to catering businesses, it is important that the correct workwear is worn all year round. Here at YOMA, we have had years of experience managing PPC accounts & performance for workwear suppliers. Throughout our time of working with workwear suppliers, we have helped deliver healthy returns on investments, high click-through rates & improved overall performance. 

    From our experience, we have outlined some key dates and trends that should be made aware of if you want to be successful. In preparation for these 3 key dates, you should be sure that your PPC campaigns are fully optimised and a sufficient budget is assigned. If these things are done then it will be easier to keep up with demand & maintain visibility.

    Date 1: The End of the Financial Year (5th April)

    With the majority of businesses financial year coming to a close on the 5th of April, businesses are often looking at ways of spending any remaining budget that they may have available. Updating staff uniforms & buying new workwear is a popular way to do so.

    As this key date doesn’t refer to a particular product type it can make it harder to reach the right audience at the right time. It is absolutely imperative to review analytical data from previous years in order to achieve success. 

    This will allow you to create a successful strategy and the historical data can help you determine which products should be promoted within the campaign.

    Google Trends Analysis for Search Term ‘High Vis Jacket’ 6th Feb 2022 – 30th Jan 2023

    Google Trends Analysis for Search Term ‘Gildan’ 1st Feb 2022 – 30th Jan 2023

    It is worth noting that not all businesses financial year come to a close on the 5th of April. We have seen similar, if smaller, spikes in interest at the turn of the calendar year, another popular fiscal year-end. 

    Date 2: End of Summer – Start of Autumn 

    In our years of experience working with workwear suppliers a spike at the end of Summer/start of Autumn is to be expected. We observed an increase in searches for workwear products like jackets, coats, trousers & other warm, long clothing items.

    Google Trends Analysis for Search Term ‘Workwear Jackets’ 1st Jan – 31st Sept 2022

    Workwear worn in Summer and Spring is no longer suitable and businesses are looking to provide jackets, trousers, coats, etc. to their employees.

    It’s worth keeping in mind that seasonal changes are not set to specific dates, it relates entirely to the weather and workers’ need. Preparation for these dates is key and then reacting to the demand as it increases. 

    Date 3: End of Winter – Start of Spring 

    Another key date that workwear providers need to be aware of is the end of Winter/start of Spring. Due to the increasing temperatures trade/hospitality employees need workwear that will keep them cool & comfortable.  Each year we see an increase in search demand & sales of: 

    • Gilets
    • T-shirts
    • Shirts

    These are just some examples of workwear-related products where we have observed an increase in search demand as Winter comes to an end. 

    Google Trends Analysis for Serch Term ‘Workwear Shirts’ 1st Jan – 30th April 2022

    As the data shows, a large spike does take place just after Spring officially starts. With this in mind, it is important that campaigns with a Spring range of products is set up & fully optimised for this date.

    How To Capitalise on these Dates?

    Advertisers should look to maximise the efficiency of their PPC campaigns. From experience, we know that Google Shopping, PMax campaigns & keyword-based Search campaigns work best and complement each other. However, in order to be successful in your efforts you need to target the right audience and the most relevant keywords at the right time. Ongoing data and trend analysis are vital in order to optimise your campaigns to achieve the best possible results. 

    1. Conduct Keyword Research

    Once campaigns around for these key dates have been created, a lot of the hard work has been done! However, there is still some work needed in order to ensure your campaigns are fully optimised. Firstly, conducting a fresh keyword research can be highly valuable, this will allow you to see how people are searching for your products, identify new keywords you should include in your campaign & new opportunities for your business to take advantage of. 

    2. Activate Campaigns a Few Weeks Before the Spike

    Activating campaigns some time before an expected spike is a crucial part of ensuring success. As the data suggests, spikes occur right at the start of these key dates & therefore prove how crucial it is that your campaign is ready to serve once these dates start. When you create a new campaign it needs time to learn the bidding strategy. As well as this, the longer you have it active, the more historical data you can use to influence your decisions. 

    3. New Product Imagery

    Product images are mainly used as part of shopping campaigns however they also can be used in your text campaign in the form of Image Extensions.

    For Image extensions, we would recommend using lifestyle images as these seem to elevate the Click Through Rate compared to when using simple product images.

    When it comes to product images for shopping campaigns, we observed that the majority of advertisers use product images provided by the supplier, which makes it hard for your ad to stand out from the crowd. Refreshing your product imagery can help increase your shopping ads Click through Rate and traffic to the website.

    How Can YOMA Help?

    If your company supplies workwear but feel like you could be getting more from your PPC campaign then get in touch with us. We’ll happily offer a free account audit or even a free management trial.