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    Alex’s Fancy Dress Month for Pancreatic Cancer: Week 1

    It's finally here - our Online PR, Alex's month long fancy dress campaign to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK! The fundraising event is on behalf of her Foundation, Lydia's Love Foundation which she set up in memory of her mum, Lydia who passed away from the disease last September. And the crazy idea came about after she thought it'd be something fun to do that would capture the public's imagination and hopefully gain attention to help create awareness throughout November, which is pancreatic cancer awareness month.
    Her team mates here at Yoma have thrown their support behind her - and most kindly, the owners, Danny and Paul and Director, Ian were all supportive in allowing her to carry out her campaign 9 - 5 around the office! It has been a funny sight seeing Sponge Bob in the kitchen making a brew - and even funnier, Glinda the Good Witch out in the car park during a fire drill!! So you could definitely say her first week has started the campaign off with a bang!
    Here's the story behind her first week of putting the 'fun' into fundraising!:

    Day 1: #PurpleLights at St George's Hall for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness:

    Alex started the week off by achieving a goal she'd planned for a couple of months, in lighting up iconic Liverpool building, St George's Hall purple for pancreatic cancer awareness month! It was all thanks to the help of Alan Smith, Hall Manager and Tommy Hughes, Maintenance Manager who were so kind and helpful, as they were so determined to support this cause. So much so, in fact, that they even managed to fit the event in between the high profile filming of the Harry Potter prequel at the Hall, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the The Weeping Window poppies for Remembrance Day, made up of several thousand poppies, which was shown at the Tower of London last autumn.

    The hall looked truly beautiful lit up purple - and Alex was delighted to even be given exclusive access, despite the Hall being fenced off for these events, so that she could take some pictures with her family and friends - and she kicked off the 1st day of her challenge as Elsa from Frozen!
    You can read more about in the article the Liverpool Echo wrote about it too. Here are some fab pics from the night:


    Day 2: Sponge Bob!

    Then came her first day in the office in fancy dress, so she chose her nephew's favourite character, Sponge Bob Square Pants - and even managed to get a lend of her nephew's toy to accessorise with! Big thanks to Laura Maclean and the team from Party Delights, who very generously donated this outfit.


    Day 3: What's up, doc?

    Now that it's getting a big chillier, Alex was glad to wear this snug Bugs Bunny costume all day long!!


    Day 4: Click your heels three times!

    Glinda the good witch was around the office, using her power for good making brews and even co-ordinating everyone when very unexpectedly the fire alarm went off! She did get some funny looks in the car park... but it did give us chance to explain to everyone why they might see her getting out of the car each morning in questionable attire. Another fab costume donated by Party Delights!

    And we even got a retweet from the actress currently playing Elphaba in Wicked on the West End!!!
    pancreatic cancer awareness

    Also, we love this meme Alex's fellow Content team member, Sam quickly created after this event:
    pancreatic cancer awareness

    Day 5: Party on, excelleeeent!

    It's Wayne's World... and everyone in the office was getting into the most excelleeeent vibes, man...


    And Day 6 is... a Penguin!

    Salmon is on the menu for lunch today, then!!

    All this fancy dress has been hard work this week! But we can't wait to see next week's range of costumes - stay tuned to the Yoma blog for all the updates and behind the scenes fun same time next Friday!
    Also, don't forget to follow the Yoma Twitter account and Facebook page for daily updates too - have a great weekend!