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    Alex’s Fancy Dress Month for Pancreatic Cancer: Week 3

    It’s been another amazing week of fancy dress fun at Yoma this week with Alex’s #FancyDressMonth campaign for pancreatic cancer awareness month - we hope you’ve been following all the action on social media!

    There have been some funny sights - including a banana on the Virgin Pendolino from London, to a 1980s scouser at the garage getting some petrol! Here’s your fix of behind the scenes fun for Week 3 - with the big reveal of this Friday’s costume at the end, of course AND lots of exciting celeb support this week…
    However, after the sad events in Paris, Alex decided to miss a day out on what should have been Day 14, as a mark of respect. So Day 15 became Day 14, as a result, and Alex will now be finishing her campaign on 1st December instead of 30th November, as she carries a day over.

    Day 15 - Banana!

    Luckily she didn’t bump into any minions from Despicable Me while dressed as a banana on the train home from visiting London - as we all know the funny little creatures go crazy for a banana!

    But this outfit did make for some interesting looks as she stepped off onto the platform at Lime Street Station, to a huge crowd who were waiting to get on the next train. Hopefully, Alex reminded them to have one of their five a day.

    Day 15 - Ahoy, a Pirate!

    Sailing the seven seas of content marketing, Alex performed her duties at work as a pirate for Day 15. With her treasure map and eye patch (made with Sam’s help!) and with Bronto the dinosaur - our office mascot, she searched for treasured content opportunities for clients!

    Yoma partner, Bronto software even shared the pic of Alex with their dinosaur on Instagram, spreading the work about the campaign:
    Bronto Software brontonation • Instagram photos and videos

    Day 16 - Karma Chameleon, it’s Boy George

    Sporting multi-coloured neon eye makeup and colourfully decorated hair, for Day 16 Alex transformed herself into pop legend, Boy George. This was a favourite with the Yoma team - and its Co-Founders, Danny and Paul! Who doesn’t love a bit of 80s nostalgia, eh?

    There were so many iconic poses of the star to choose from, we had to make Alex do a collage of them as we couldn’t decide on our favourite. And to round it all off, the man himself even favourited her tweets!

    Day 17 - A Crackin’ Egg

    Making everyone hungry in the office on Wednesday, Alex came dressed as an egg - thanks to new Account Manager, Laurie lending her the costume! It certainly got the most attention on Twitter and Facebook, where everyone got involved in the fun egg-based yolk-telling! (Ahem). You could say there was a scramble for the best joke! (Sorry…)

    And she even got a retweet from the Happy Egg Co.!

    Day 18 - Calm down, calm down! It’s The Scouser

    With a Kevin Keegan bubble perm, bushy moustache and shell suit, Alex gave us all a bit of a shock when she strolled into the office on Thursday as one of Harry Enfield’s The Scousers! There was a lot of laughter in the office and quotes of their famous phrases ‘Aye! Aye! Alright, calm down, calm down!’

    But there was also a meaningful reason behind why she wore this costume on November 19th - not only was it International Men’s Day, but it’s also Movember, when men everywhere grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. So Alex thought her Fancy Dress Month would be a perfect way to raise the profile of another worthwhile cause.
    And Joe McGann (who famously was actually one of the actors in The Scousers obviously agreed, as he retweeted her too!)

    Day 19… Polly Parrot!

    What better way to round off a week of fun fancy dress than with pizza while dressed as a parrot? It's Friday fun time here in the office today and we've been out on location so Alex could spread her wings outside The Matchworks and take flight for a little bit! It was a good way to round the working week off, with her starting as a pirate on Monday and aptly as their companion on Friday!

    This week's special mention…

    Alex wanted to give a big thank you to Co-Founders, Danny and Paul, and Commercial Director, Ian for all their support with the campaign as well as their generous donation this week. Along with everyone contributing individual donations, and buying £50 worth of raffle tickets for last week’s fundraiser, she’s now almost tripled her target of £500! She says this is a dream come true.

    Furthermore, when we discovered it was 150 years since Alice in Wonderland was published - and when Alex broke with her routine of surprising us each morning with her costume choices to reveal she’s got a mad hatter costume - we simply had to plan a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed bake sale. This will be on Thursday 26th November - the date the book was first published - and we’re so excited for this very important date!
    Alex did say at the start of her Fancy Dress Month that this was just one of the ways she wanted to raise money for various causes, through her personal project, Lydia’s Love Foundation, and so money raised will be going towards another well-deserving charity, Claire House Children’s Hospice.
    mad hatter clairehouse