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    Alex’s Fancy Dress Month for Pancreatic Cancer: Week 4

    Ah can you believe it? It’s the last Friday of Alex’s Fancy Dress Month in the Yoma office today! Next Friday’s going to be so boring! But don’t worry, it’s not the end of her challenge – there’s still 4 more days left of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month to go and we’ll be doing a bonus round-up next week of the last 4 costumes as well as update on the success of the campaign!
    If you’d like to donate there’s still time – just visit Alex’s JustGiving page www.justgiving.com/lydiaslove to donate online, or if you’re passing the Yoma office, then you can donate in person to one of our many collection tubs.
    So far Alex has smashed her £500 goal thanks to everyone’s amazing generosity and at the point of writing this, is currently up to an incredible £1647.75! So a huge thanks to everyone who’s donated so far.
    And here’s this week’s fun for you – complete with another bonus charity cake sale thrown into the mix as well as…

    Day 20 – Hold the worm, it’s tequila!

    So when Alex met with friends, Tracy and Janet for drinks on Saturday, ‘what better costume’ she thought, ‘than a tequila bottle?!’
    She encountered the first bump in the road of her 30 day challenge though, when bar staff asked her to remove it as it wasn’t suitable attire. But after her friends explained what it was for, they reluctantly agreed to let her remain in the outfit – as long as she took the hood down!
    Phew, what a close one, as Alex would have hated to let everyone down (though she probably would have just moved onto another bar!) And she even managed to sneak in a cheeky visit to a tequila bar before she went home!

    Day 21 – She’s Still Standing – as Elton!

    Sunday chores are always a bore, so to get through them, Alex chose to stick some classic hits on and wash her dishes while dressed as Elton John. Completely normal. Although after the fun she had, she’s decided there might be something in fancy dress as a way of getting through the monotony of cleaning!
    She was also delighted that the Liverpool Echo wrote a mid-way round-up of her costumes – after writing 3 other articles about her fancy dress campaign and also arranging St George’s Hall to light up purple for pancreatic cancer on November 1st. They have been a great support to Alex!

    Day 22 –  Disco queen

    In Pancreatic Cancer UK’s own words, it was a case of more ‘Monday morning fever, than Saturday night fever’ in Monday’s outfit – grooving around as a disco babe!
    We thought the fab afro really suited her, and Alex said she’d wished she had hair like this so realised a lifelong dream in this one.
    It brightened up an otherwise dull Monday having a bit of shimmer in the office, and she even managed to have a go at recreating Beyonce’s ‘Foxxy Cleopatra’ hula hoop scene from her ‘Work It Out’ music video, for the film ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’. Choreographed by new Account Manager, Laurie it’s hilarious, just click the link watch it:

    Fun in the Yoma Office for #FancyDressMonth!!We’re up for trying new things at Yoma! So with Alex doing her best Foxxy Cleopatra impression on Day 22 of #FancyDressMonth for Pancreatic Cancer UK, she decided to give hula hooping a go!

    Day 23 – A shark tale…

    As Boxing Day this year marks the 40th anniversary of the film, Jaws being released, there was no way Alex couldn’t wear a shark costume during her challenge.
    It was certainly suitable weather on Tuesday too as there was a torrential downpour – so obviously it was great for Alex swimming across the car park in the morning to the office!

    Day 24 – Alex in Yomaland!

    As 26th November was another anniversary, Alex matched her costume to the day’s preparations once again. Day 25 was 150 years since Alice in Wonderland was published, so to celebrate we planned a Mad Hatter’s tea party on the Thursday raising money for Claire House Children’s Hospice.
    So for Day 24, Alex dressed as Alice in Wonderland (or as we renamed her for our own amusement, Alex in Yomaland!). She spent the day generally falling down rabbit holes, being shrunk down teeny tiny and then grown to giant size while drinking her brew.
    It all led her on her journey through Wonderland to the tea party…

    Day 25 – Mad as a Hatter! (for Claire House)

    So Thursday was the actual anniversary of Alice in Wonderland and the #YomaMadHatters tea party in aid of Claire House, who Alex promised she would tie into her challenge at the start of the month – in memory of her lovely brother in law, Mark.
    She said he would have definitely laughed his head off at her dressed up as a Mad Hatter and said that it was the costume that most summed her up!
    Hosting the party, our very own office Mad Hatter was delighted to have the support of her brilliant workmates who made and brought in cakes, and the Content girls who helped her set everything up, decorate the office ready for the party – and even hand deliver invitations to all of the other offices in The Matchworks building.
    Account Manager, Laurie was to thank for yet another fab outfit donation – as well as the Alice one and last week’s egg! And unbelievably, her sister even created and donated the most amazing cake we’ve ever seen to show her support.
    It was HUGELY appreciated by Alex (and the whole office!) as it was the most spectacular centrepiece and must have taken her hours of hard work, after baking all day for her cake making business, Tada Cakes by Jody. As it was National Cake Day and Thanksgiving too, we gave thanks for how good this looked – and tasted!!
    We even did a raffle to guess the name of the doll (it wasn’t Alice!) and with this added onto donations from the kind Yoma staff, as well as visitors from other offices, we managed to raise a brilliant £120 for Claire House to support the amazing work they do.

    Day 26… How rude! A whoopie cushion

    As it’s Friday fun time, Alex decided to treat us all to a fab one – it’s a whoopie cushion costume! It’s getting a lot of laughs in the office, but is nice and warm as well as comfortable so definitely office-friendly wear – maybe we could make it a Yoma uniform?!

    This week’s special mention…

    A big thanks to first new content team intern, Amy for getting into the spirit of the fun this week and not only baking a fab Nigella nutella cheesecake, but also wearing her Mad Hatter inspired t.shirt for the tea party!
    And also to our second content team intern, Sophie for being a good sport and sitting alongside Alex all week! It must be the weirdest start to a new job – but she’s handled it like a pro.
    Have a brilliant weekend everyone and we’ll see you next week for the final fun update of Alex’s challenge as it draws to an end (sob!).


    Exciting news!

    But in the meantime, Alex has decided to add a day onto her challenge to wear the most popular costume of the month – so get voting below for whichever you think has been her best fancy dress!
    (This will be updated as well with her outfits over the coming days). Thanks everyone!

    Which costume is your favourite?

    1. Elsa
    2. Spongebob
    3. Bugs Bunny
    4. Glinda the Good Witch
    5. Wayne’s World
    6. Penguin
    7. Daffodil
    8. Unicorn
    9. Laa Laa
    10. Bert & Ernie
    11. Lucha Libre
    12. Audrey Hepburn
    13. Angel
    14. Banana
    15. Pirate
    16. Boy George
    17. Egg
    18. Scouser
    19. Parrot
    20. Tequila Bottle
    21. Elton John
    22. Disco Diva
    23. Shark
    24. Alice
    25. Mad Hatter
    26. Whoopee Cushion
    27a. Cheerleader
    27b. George Michael
    28a. Air Hostess
    28b. Snowman
    29. Michael Jackson
    30a. Crocodile Dundee
    31b. Gumby

    Poll Maker