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    All You Need to Know About Multimedia Ads

    Since the early 2000s, search advertising has increased significantly, and every company is asking themselves how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The solution to that problem is multimedia advertising. When multimedia ads were first introduced in July 2021, only residents of the USA, UK, and Canada could access them; but, in more recent years, they have come to be widely available. To create the most attention-grabbing huge visual advertising, multimedia ads mix your own content, such as photos, headlines, and descriptions, with the power of machine learning. 

    Microsoft’s multimedia ads can give your business the exposure that you have been waiting for! This is through the creative dynamic of the ads and the unique nature of them. The creative and unique dynamic of these ads is a large reason as to why they work so well, but there are other factors which we will touch on later. These adverts have produced amazing results for businesses across the globe!

    What Are The Benefits of Multimedia Ads?

    There are many things that make Multimedia ads useful to a business, but in my personal opinion the best thing about them is that only one advert shows up! This is a massive benefit for businesses as it can increase the amount of traffic your website gets by a significant amount, increase your return on investment (ROI) & give you one up on your competition, therefore helping your business dominate its market. Having benefits like this are not common for a lot of tools & softwares for businesses so when you find something that is almost too good to be true, you must take advantage of it! 

    Another benefit of Microsoft’s multimedia ads is that you can add 16 images to your multimedia ads and these are recycled so your adverts always look fresh. This is really good for business because it means you can display and show off many different angles of your product. It also required images that are of different dimensions so your advert can show up in all spaces on the internet and it is not restricted to just one size of advert.When uploading your images it is a good idea to show different angles, relative products etc. this is so people can get a good idea about your products before they purchase. By incorporating many top quality images into your ads you are more likely to attract people to visit your website and convert into customers. 

    Another huge benefit of using Microsoft’s multimedia ads is the large amount of customisation they have to offer. In your multimedia ads it allows you to have 15 headlines, 4 descriptions, 16 images and a wide selection of Call to Actions like ‘Shop Now’. While Microsoft’s Multimedia ads does give you some ideas that you can use for your ads, which will save you a lot of time, you can manually fill out all the information that will show on your ad. It is great that you get this control as it means you can make sure that your ads are top quality and include all the information that you need. 

    Do We Use Multimedia Ads?

    To put the answer simply, YES! Here at YOMA we take advantage of these adverts for many of our clients. We use these ads to ensure that they have the best chance of beating their competition whilst also maximising their profits. These are just a couple of many reasons why we use multimedia ads at YOMA. Through discussions with our expert pay per click (PPC) team, it was evident that the team found these ads to be the highest quality, and the most effective advertisement that a business could use to improve their performance.

    Another reason why we use them here at YOMA is because we have found that they grab peoples attention more than alternative forms of advertisements do. This is great and has attributed to the success of many of our clients without costing them too much money, which is always the priority! We have also found that when people click the multimedia ads, they have been more likely to convert and purchase some of our clients products which is a huge bonus.

    How Can YOMA Help You?

    If you are interested in using multimedia ads for your business but you are apprehensive about getting started, or maybe you just don’t know how to! Get in contact with us and allow our expert team to lend you a helping hand. Our team has a lot of experience through helping our clients, which we have received lots of positive feedback from.