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    7 digital marketing trends that will shape 2017

    Yoma Digital Marketing Trends

    In the ever-changing world of digital marketing it’s hard to keep on top. The best way to do this is by studying the marketing shifts in the year that has gone before and trying to deduce what you think the trends will be in the months to come. As experts in digital marketing, we have done some research into what we believe will be the key trends to look out for in 2017 in order to be one step ahead of the game:

    1. Greater shift in emphasis towards targeting mobile phones

    Let’s face facts, most of us are utterly dependent on our phones. They act as extensions of our arm in the way that we are attached to them every hour of the day. With this in mind, are we really doing enough to target the mobile audience? Some businesses don’t even optimise their websites for mobile and when you fail to do this you will be left behind.

    2. Instant will become the benchmark

    A whole generation has now grown up with the idea that anything they want to communicate or purchase can be done instantaneously, take instant messaging or amazon-one click for example. Existing (and new) companies will be doing everything in their power to make instant response their go-to standard.

    3. Audiovisual content will reign supreme

    In the age of instant gratification, you’ll find that fewer people will have the patience to read your articles, no matter how thought-provoking they are. Images and video are easily digestible and digital marketing is becoming further geared towards them.

    4. New social media inbound

    I’m sure you’re probably thinking “More social media? No chance, everything’s been done.” Well we all thought that before Snapchat came along, it just shows there’s always room for innovation. There is bound to be at least one new social media app that will develop a large following in 2017 – what its niche will be, however, remains to be seen.

    5. Location ads follow you into the real world

    Some of you may not know this, but your mobile phone monitors every step you take and we’re not just talking about counting your steps. Most mobiles collect data about frequent locations visited and companies will want to use this data to try and tailor their advertising towards you.

    6. Intrusive ads will be shunned

    We all know how annoying it can be when you’re trying to read something on a website and a massive advert comes and blocks your view. Not only does it put you off the product being advertised, it puts you off the website itself. The best marketing is something that delights the customer, let them find you, or at the very least: stick to the sidebar.

    7. No more information overkill

    We’re inundated with content these days and it’s becoming tiresome. We need something, or someone, to point us in the right direction that can help us find quality, relevant content that entertains/enlightens us. In 2017, we can see there being specialised software to help filter the great content from the… not so great.
    Want to find out more about how you can keep up with the competition and changing times? Get in touch with our full service digital marketing agency now.