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    10 easy ways to find anyone’s email address

    10 easy ways to find anyone's email address
    An often-overlooked part of content marketing is the content outreach process, which involves emailing potential ‘suitors’ to publish your content on their site. If you’ve developed a piece of content that is especially perfect for a certain audience, you may know exactly who you want to share it with. The problem with this is, you may not always have a method of contacting them. However, there are ways to get around this problem and source that crucial email address for correspondence.

    1. Google

    What do we do whenever we’re faced with any other kind of problem? We Google the answer of course. This problem can be resolved in the exactly same way. Just type in the person’s name with ‘email address’ on the end of it. You may even get lucky enough that the email will be right there in the meta description.

    2. Check the contact/about us page

    Might seem like an obvious suggestion, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook it. Even if you think you can’t find it on the site, look harder. Often people will hide their contact details on a website in the footer where it’s rare people check.

    3. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a great tool for business networking. A lesser known feature that LinkedIn provides is the ability to export the contact information of all your connections, an incredibly useful feature should you have the person you need to contact in your connections. To do this, click onto your connections – manage imported connections – and under advanced options click export contacts. Simple.

    4. Facebook

    Facebook is a great place to garner information about people. Often companies and bloggers will include personal information into their Facebook profiles initially and simply forget to remove it. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

    5. Twitter

    You could solve your problem as easily as tweeting the person you want to connect and asking them politely for their email. Be aware to keep your tweet concise, though, as if they are popular you may need to stand out in their crowded inbox.

    6. Check WHOIS

    WHOIS is a database that is available to the general public. It lets you see the contact details of whoever a domain is registered to. Simply type in the website domain of the company or blogger you want to contact with and it will come up with all the information that helped register the domain. Be warned though, often this information can be out of date.

    7. Ninja Outreach

    A relatively new outreach tool, but Ninja Outreach seems to be making waves in the marketing world for simplifying a really time consuming outreach process. Simply search the person you are looking for, or even the field they are in (‘marketing blogs’ for instance) and it will come up with a whole host of information. You can also get social media information from this platform.

    8. Your personal emails

    If you are doing well in your particular industry, it’s possible people have signed up to your email subscribers list, as a result of this they will appear in your mailing list. If you check your database, you could find what you’re looking for and save yourself a lot of time.

    9. Educated guess

    Emphasis on educated. If this person belongs to a company, try and find out how other people in that company have their email addresses structured. If there is a common denominator between the email addresses you do know, try inputting the name of the person you want to speak to in this style.

    10. Ask your network

    If you have a wide network of people to call upon when you need a hand, perfect. Ask on social media (or even in person) if anybody can get you in contact with the person you wish to talk to.