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    15 free web development tools for 2017

    15 free web development tools

    If you are running a business and you don’t have a website – you are losing a massive chunk of your potential customers. It doesn’t matter how small a business you are, in this day and the digital age everyone needs to have some sort of online presence. You can’t afford not to.
    You may come back and say that a website is an investment that you simply can’t afford, however, there are currently so many free web development tools that offer a simple and professional solution to your website needs. Here is a massive list of what we think are some of the best professional and free web development tools available.

    1. Wix

    If you’re using Wix to develop your site, chances are your website will have an incredibly sleek and professional design. Boasting a multitude of free templates and an array of different features, this is a stellar tool for those who need to build their own site and don’t know a thing about coding.

    2. uCoz

    Suited to both web professionals and amateurs alike – uCoz offer a choice of DIY editor or professional editor for your site. It also offers a mobile app to keep track of and update your site. Its free service offers 400mb of storage, as well as your own custom domain.

    3. Magento Ecommerce

    Since it’s launch in 2008, Magento has proven itself to be one of the world heavyweights in e-commerce developers. With a wide variety of world renowned clients, not least Burger King and Coca Cola, you’re guaranteed a quality website development with Magento Ecommerce.

    4. Wordpress

    One of the most popular developer tools out there and it’s not hard to see why. Easy to use, pleasing to look at and full of statistics about the people who visit your site, Wordpress is understandably many people’s go-to solution when it comes to developing your own website. The free service offers hundreds of themes and 3gb worth of storage space, although your site will have to host ads and have the Wordpress domain - these can be removed through upgrading to the premium service.

    5. Virb

    Focusing more on uploading content than fiddling with the design, Virb offers a responsive and easy developer that anyone could get a grip of. Most of the hard work is already dealt with as the website is fully responsive and SEO optimised, although this comes at a price as there is no drag and drop editor feature.  

    6. Strikingly

    Strikingly has a unique method, it lets you create some of the best one-page websites out there. However, you cannot build any more than a one page site – still, it’s probably the best one page site builder out there and also features blogging and ecommerce capabilities.

    7. Sitebuilder

    Provides some of the simplest and most instinctive developer tools, which would be suited from a seasoned professional to a relative newbie. Sitebuilder features a huge selection of ready-made templates, limitless bandwidth and a drag & drop editor that really emphasises the simplicity of designing a site.     

    8. Weebly

    Many web developer tools only include the bare minimum when it comes to their free package, with Weebly this simply isn’t the case. They offer everything a starting business needs to create a high-quality site, such as unlimited pages & website hosting.

    9. Jimdo

    Jimdo focuses more on the ecommerce side of website building, so is perfect if you are looking to build an online store, although it does offer more traditional layouts if needed. A key feature of theirs is excellent multilingual tech support, so this developer would be a good fit if you want to target an international audience.

    10. eHost

    With dependable hosting services and a no-nonsense site builder, eHost is a very reliable solution to your web development needs. The free package offers free domain registration and thousands of ready-made templates, although the limitation is that users are limited to 6 pages at most.

    11. Yola

    One of the more basic development tools, Yola sites have a simplistic design that seek to make the user experience as easy as possible with no distraction. The free version of this offers 3 pages, 1gb of bandwidth and 1gb storage.

    12. Webnode

    Webnode offers multilingual support with over 20 languages and a drag & drop feature. The free service for this is somewhat basic as it offers 100mb of storage and 1gb of bandwidth. Test the builder and judge if you want to upgrade to the paid packages later.

    13. GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world, boasting over 60 million domain names – probably thanks to their television advertisements making them an easily recognisable brand. The website editor is easy to use and it even comes with the capacity to edit photos as well as a stellar customer support team.

    14. Jigsy

    This development service offers professional features & tools while keeping the ease of a flexible web editor as standard. One issue with Jigsy, however, is that it does not offer customer service support unless you are a paying customer. Luckily, the service is easy enough to use that this hopefully will not be a problem.

    15. Moonfruit

    This developer’s commitment to acting on customer responses has helped them develop exponentially over the last few years into a service that is tailored to what it’s audience needs it to be. A great ecommerce site that offers unlimited bandwidth, 20mb of storage and a 15 item shopping cart to anyone using its free service.
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