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    Google Keyword Planner Get’s a New Feature

    Having an effective keyword strategy in your PPC campaigns is crucial in order for them to be a success! Google Keyword Planner has a new feature which is going to help you with making sure you are choosing the right keywords for your ad campaigns. The new feature will help you group keywords into ad campaigns, and will also help you see the monthly search volume for your chosen keywords. This in itself is something that will help your ads performance, but this new feature also gives you keyword suggestions based on the original term you searched for. For example, if you searched for ‘football boots’ it could suggest keywords like ‘cheap football boots’ and ‘child’s football boots’. The aim behind this is to get the keywords that are best suited for your campaign to give you the highest quality traffic possible. 

    What Are Keywords?

    To put it simply, a keyword is a word/term that someone uses when searching for something on the internet. When people hear the word ‘keywords’ they often immediately associate it with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) however, keywords play a massive part in the success of your PPC campaigns. PPC ads work by bidding on keywords to rank to the top of the SERPs for that particular keyword, if you do rank at the top then you can expect an increase in visitors to your website.

    When considering keywords for your campaigns, it is also important to see the intent that the keywords usually have. There are 3 different user intents and these are:

    • Navigational- the user is trying to get to a certain site 
    • Informational- the user is trying to gather information
    • Transactional- the user is prepared to make a purchase

    Before setting up your ad campaigns you should identify what you want people to be getting from your ad campaigns and from that you can identify what type of keywords you should be targeting. 

    What is Google Keyword Planner?

    Google Keyword Planner was created and formed in 2013. Google Keyword Planner’s main function is to provide you with the correct, and most effective, keywords for your campaign. Although this feature was actually released in 2021 as a beta, the full version has now been released for people to use and the majority of the PPC community is delighted about it! It was brought to our attention that it had been released through the Twitter user ‘Tauqueer Aziz’. He tweeted the following on August 5th 2022,

    Why Is the New Feature Good?

    It is important that you do get the correct keywords for your campaign as if you do not it will greatly impact the volume of traffic your website get/ the quality of the traffic your website gets. Through the use of Google Keyword Planner you can be sure that your keywords will be affective for your business. 

    Google Keyword Planner has always been a great tool to use but it has introduced a new function that will only make the tool more effective and popular! The new ‘Organise Keywords into Ad Groups’ feature will now save time and effort when organising keywords into relevant ad groups. Before this feature was introduced you would have to individually select each keyword and put them into its relevant ad group. This process would take a long time if you had thousands of keywords. With the introduction of this new feature, it will now automatically assign keywords to its relevant ad group through machine learning! 

    Although the system is now simplified through the use of machine learning, and keywords being automatically assigned to the correct ad group, we do still suggest that you review the campaigns, and their keywords, before you put them live as we do not yet know if it has 100% accuracy. 

    Will we Use It?

    The introduction of this feature will definitely help the work that we carry out here at YOMA when we set up new campaigns for our clients. In the past it has been a job that has taken a large amount of time, but now we can spend less time on it meaning we can spend more time on the things that will really improve people’s businesses!

    If you would like to find out more information about the introduction of Google’s new keyword planner feature, or want to find out how we can take the hassle of you dealing with the changes then contact us today.