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    Google Shopping For The UK

    google algorithm
    Google have now announced that they will be rolling out the new, commercial model for Google shopping, built on product listing ads in the UK.
    This transition from a free model to a paid inclusion model now means that businesses will have to run PPC in order to get the most out of Google Shopping and ensure their ads get into the shopping results. These ads are called ‘Product Listing Ads’ and will done on a CPC basis.
    The new initiative will gradually roll out across the United Kingdom and a range of other countries including Germany, France, Japan, Australia and Switzerland, with stage one of the transition starting on the 13th February 2013. From this date, Google says that users in these countries will start seeing “visually cleaner” results for shopping queries, including new commercial formats on Google.com that will display products in a single unit, and replace the current search results.
    Google said “We believe that having a commercial relationship with merchants will lead to better, more up to date product data — which will mean better shopping results for users and in turn, higher quality traffic for merchants.”
    Google continued; “Shoppers will find products in one convenient place and quickly be able to compare features, find the best prices, read reviews, and identify great merchants — while advertisers will be given more granular control over product listings and traffic.”
    As an incentive, Google will be rewarding companies who are new to implement Product Listings Ad’s. The incentive is is yet to be announced – but when the transition took place in the US, business were offered an enticing 1% of the total spend back.
    For the official announced from Google, please click here.
    For more information about the impact Google Shopping will have for your business, please contact Yoma’s PPC team today.
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