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    How Magento Hosting can improve your Ecommerce Sales

    Having a website that allows customers to locate, view and buy your products or services online is essential for most businesses; and with Magento Hosting UK clients find that they can achieve this.
    Building a website doesn’t have to cost a fortune as e-commerce platforms such as Magento utilise a number of features and scripts that make this far easier and more cost-effective for you.
    Magento Hosting UK
    Ecommerce web design is made far simpler with Magento; this open-source platform allows you to implement the design and features you want in your website. You can create a unique online store that will generate sales for your business. Below you’ll find just some of the handy features that you can utilise in order to fuel your e-commerce sales.

    PC, tablet & mobile optimised

    Because visitors will be coming to your website from a whole host of different devices, you’ll need to ensure that your website displays itself correctly to them. With Magento Hosting UK clients are able to create websites that respond to mobile, PC and tablet devices, ensuring that customers can access the site and benefit from the full user experience. You thereby cater for all of your visitors, allowing your site to reach out to a far larger customer base, maximising exposure and sales.

    Targeting multiple geographical locations

    If your customer base is global, having a website that can adapt to the languages used by your target audience is a must. Magento offers geographical and multi-lingual features which identify from where in the world a given customer is accessing your website. It will then redirect them to the site that is tailored to their language requirements. This fantastic feature guarantees that visitors from across the world will be able to utilise, understand and purchase from your website, giving you far broader scope when promoting your business.

    SEO with Magento Hosting UK

    Optimising your website with the right keywords is a must but the long tail keywords on your website might not be getting picked up by your customers. Long tail keywords can often be too complicated or hard to remember, which could have a detrimental effect on your sales and reduce overall visitor volumes.
    Happily, Magento offers an ingenious solution to this problem. Through one of its extensions, it can transform these complicated long tail search keywords into shorter ones that are search engine optimised. You can utilise this tool on the headers of your web pages as well as in the page titles. Having this in place will help to get your website picked up by users and search engines alike.

    An easy-to-use checkout

    A long and difficult process for your customers when they’re trying to complete a checkout on your website can result in cart abandonment. Magento has therefore provided a solution with another extension which creates a one-step process for checking out. It cleverly combines a number of different processes into one simple stage. This helps customers complete the checkout with ease and will reduce the number of abandoned carts, leading to improved conversion rates and increased sales.

    Customer follow-ups

    No matter how simple your checkout page may be, you will still find that there are customers who leave the website before they’ve completed it. This can be for a number of reasons and it’s vital that these customers receive some form of follow-up from you. In order to help you contact these customers, Magento offers a tracking system which shows you when someone has abandoned their cart, allowing you to contact them to find out what caused them to leave the website before completing the checkout.
    These are just a handful of the valuable plugins Magento offers to its clients. Unlike other hosting platforms, such as WordPress, Magento provides a multitude of solutions for e-commerce websites, all of which are designed to help them to promote and to sell their products and services with ease.