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    How to Increase Traffic and Ecommerce Sales for Father’s Day

    In just a matter of weeks, consumers in almost every demographic will be getting online to look for Father’s Day gift ideas and every smart e-retailer will be getting ready to supply those consumers with just the thing.
    Father’s Day, which falls this year on Sunday 19th June, is one of the many events in the gifting calendar that can generate significant eCommerce sales.
    Google report that 48% of UK consumers now buy cards and gifts for dads and they spend more online than they do on the high street. In the last few years, consumer spending on treats for the man of the house has steadily increased and is now worth more than £519 million to the UK economy.
    Although this is considerably less than spending on Mothers’ Day (sorry dads!) it still represents a real opportunity to increase traffic and conversions.
    However, the market is competitive and any retailer hoping to be successful for this gifting event, (and the many others that follow) will need to capitalise on a few marketing tools and technologies to reach their audiences:

    Optimise Your Content

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to adapt your content for seasonal purchasing. Some of the most popular keywords for Father’s Day include:

    • Father’s Day gift ideas
    • Father’s Day cards
    • Father’s Day ideas
    • Father’s Day activities

    Adding those keywords to your title tags, URLs, page content and PPC advertising, is pretty straightforward.
    However, although ‘Father’s Day’ is the most popular search term, and the gifts, food and drink and cards categories account for the majority of purchasing, remember that it’s not just about dads.
    This occasion is about step-dads, grandfathers and father figures too, and with a little creativity, it’s possible to increase traffic and create sales opportunities by catering for ‘non-dads’ as well.
    Online retailer, iheartdogs.com, is promoting presents for ‘Dog Dads,’ while over in the States, Angel Soft, a toilet paper manufacturer, raised brand awareness with an emotive campaign that celebrates single mothers with the tag #HappyFathersDayMom, so don’t be afraid to get really creative with your ‘Dadvertising’!   
    With SEO in place, your consumers will have a better chance of finding your products and services online but to ensure they do, it’s wise to make some digital noise on Social Media.

    Go Social

    A multi-channel marketing strategy will help you capitalise on as many eCommerce sales opportunities as possible and social media is one of the easiest and cheapest consumer hangouts that you can tap into.
    Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all represent opportunities for you to promote your Father’s Day gift ideas and build relationships with your customers.
    Apart from sharing posts about your products or services, encourage your followers to share your posts on their social networks. As Dove Men+Care showed in 2014, you can raise the profile of your brand by simply showing the nation’s dads a little love.
    Dove generated thousands of shares and interactions on Facebook and Twitter with a heart-warming video campaign titled #realdadmoments, which showcased the nurturing, playful nature of fathers. It’s been viewed on YouTube alone more than 13 million times since release.  
    fathers day gift ideas

    Upgrade to Responsive Design

    Making sure your site is mobile-friendly can boost your online sales in two key ways.
    Firstly, Google reward responsively designed websites with enhanced rankings because they cater for mobile users, and secondly, by making sure the layout and functionality is user-friendly, you can make it easy for those consumers to find you and make a purchase.
    For every kind of eCommerce business, this really matters.  
    According to Google, mobile overtook all other devices in 2015 to account for more than 60% of all Father’s Day search requests. This represented a significant increase on mobile’s 43% share in 2014 and the trend is expected to continue.
    Whether you need some help to come up with creative digital marketing ideas, support to implement successful SEO or the technical expertise to upgrade your site, we can help. Contact the team at Yoma, specialised ecommerce agency today and see how we can grow your business online.