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    Increase Your Site Traffic and Conversions this Mother’s Day!

    According to the latest Google Trends report, the number of consumers who rely on the internet to get inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts and make purchases has increased steadily for the last decade, making it one of the most valuable sales periods for the retail sector.
    To put that in perspective:

    • UK consumers spent £505 million on Mother’s Day in 2014. That’s an average of £24.10 per person but we’re not the most generous. Brazilians are actually the biggest spenders, averaging £112 on gifts for their mums.
    • British shoppers spend 53% more on gifts and cards on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day (sorry dads!)
    • Despite the ease of sending special messages through social media or other devices, 30 million Mother’s Day cards are still sent each year
    • 64% of families take mums to pubs or restaurants for a celebratory drink or bite to eat.

    Increase site traffic
    If you sell flowers, beauty products, experiences, cards or any sort of service that mums may like, there are obvious opportunities for you to make the most of this annual celebration of motherhood to generate an uplift in site traffic and sales.
    However, if you’re creative, you don’t necessarily need ‘mum-specific’ products or services to benefit from Mother’s Day spending. Last year, security firm ADT created the universally appealing hashtag, “#momsayings” on Twitter to engage consumers and run a promotional offer.
    While it’s unadvisable to try and mould your online marketing around every big occasion, this approach was in keeping with ADT’s humour and sparked equally humorous exchanges among their followers of the amusing things mothers’ say.

    SEO and PPC
    To promote your business around Mother’s Day, you’ll need to secure visibility in page rankings and this can be achieved with search engine optimisation (SEO) keywords. If you sell suitable gifts, it’s also a great time to run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.
    Some of the most popular keywords fall, unsurprisingly into the flowers, cards and gift categories but if you sell experience days, spa treatments, electronics or jewellery, it’s easy enough to add ‘Mother’s Day 2016’, ‘Mother’s Day gift ideas’ or ‘gifts for mums’ to your page titles and ad copy.

    User Friendly
    However, as James Murray, Digital Insights Manager at Experian explains, it takes more than this to secure sales.
    “…consumers are short on time and skimming through sites looking for the perfect gift. More than ever it is becoming imperative for brands to make onsite navigation as simple and intuitive as possible and to highlight offers clearly on the homepage to make the user experience as seamless as possible.”
    Strong images, user-friendly “Buy Now” buttons and shopping carts, as well as clear shipping information all contribute to helping consumers feel confident in making a purchase for that all-important Mother’s Day gift from you.The earlier you can utilise these keywords the better; this particular gifting occasion is one that buyers take a considered approach to, but bear in mind that if you target international markets there will be variations. In the US, for example, consumers will search for “mom” as opposed to “mum” for Mother’s Day, which comes later in the year on the 8th May.

    We can’t help you choose your Mother’s Day gift but we can help you to optimise your site, create PPC ads, improve site navigation and enhance your overall user experience, so get in touch with the Yoma team today and let us get your site ready for this gift occasion, and all the ones that follow.