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    LinkedIn Hits 200 Million Users!

    Professional social network LinkedIn hit a huge milestone earlier this week, passing the 200 million user landmark across 200 countries worldwide!
    With 2 new users now joining every second, the social network has become a key resource for businesses worldwide to build relationships and showcase their skills.

    To celebrate LinkedIn's 200 million users, here’s Yoma's top 5 reasons why LinkedIn is important for your business;
    You’ll be happy to know that your business content is indexed by both Bing and Google. LinkedIn business pages are likely to rank in the top 10 search results for your business, and more importantly provide another key platform for potential customers to find out  about your business and services.
    LinkedIn’s recommendations feature allows your connections to recommend and comment on your business skills and expertise. This is a great way to promote your business's  services and build your positive reputation.
    The main appeal for many businesses when it comes to LinkedIn is the social networks vast amount users across the majority of business industries. Connecting, building and engaging with like-minded professionals has always been a key focus point, and as the social networks user-base continues to grow, the more effective networking via the site will become.
    Product Pages
    Use LinkedIn product pages to detail all of your business’s services and skills, adding direct links to your website for users to find out more information. Use logos and graphics to personlise your product page and keep your business's LinkedIn consistent with all company branding and logos.
    LinkedIn is great tool for sharing news and updates from your business. Joining its industry groups also provides a wider platform to share your news with key professionals within your industry. LinkedIn is also a useful tool for discovering the latest industry news announcements and engaging in conversation with like-minded industry professionals on key stories and topics.
    To find out more about Yoma’s social media services, and how we can help your business make the most of LinkedIn, please get in touch,  call us: 0151 282 1242 or email: Sales@yoma.co.uk