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    Looking For a New Digital Agency? What You Need to Know

    Digital Agency

    For a range of reasons, businesses can find themselves fretting over the impending absence of their digital agency. And for good reason, establishing a brand new relationship with a brand new group of people can be daunting. Do they share the same goals as you? Are they innovative and pro-active? How seamless will the transition to a new agency be? Especially considering the old agency are more than likely begrudging the loss of your business and are no longer being paid to help you!
    To ease some of these fears, and give you a better idea of what your next steps should be, we have assembled this helpful guide to looking for a new digital agency.

    Why are clients looking for a new agency?

    Well, undue financial pressures caused by a merger can be one reason. Financial difficulties are an unfortunate but ever-present threat, and they can thwart even the most secure alliance between client and agency.
    More frequently however, a more complex set of circumstances emerge. Anything from squabbles over the vision going forward, to disagreements over what quantifies significant progress, can cause clients to part ways with their agency.

    What are the most common concerns?

    Aside from the bigger picture principles that unite a client and agency in the first place, there are a host of more technical concerns that can derail an otherwise healthy, flourishing relationship in its infancy.
    The intricacies of intellectual property need to be worked out - and acquired if deemed necessary. The incoming agency needs to extricate website and analytics access from the outgoing agency, not to mention the plethora of Google accounts - from MyBusiness to AdWords. These are just a few of many reservations clients can have about transitioning to a new digital agency.

    How to make the transition from agency to agency easier?

    So, with a host of complications arising from the upheaval of moving from one agency to another, how can you make this transition as smooth and effortless as possible? The ability to communicate openly and clearly with all parties is paramount. A strong, symbiotic relationship based on collaborative partnership between client and agency has a streamlining effect that speeds up all of your work together.
    Ensuring your  chosen agency is more than capable of producing the kind of carefully managed tone that strikes a delicate balance between understanding and urgency is essential in getting the old agency to co-operate as fully as possible - the faster they hand over all the details, the faster the new one can set about making you money.

    The next steps…

    Electing for a full service digital agency with a fully cross functional project team is the only way to go. We are recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush. With lean and agile operations that ensure work is completed efficiently, and a distinct emphasis on cultivating an open and healthy partnership, you can be sure that Yoma is a digital marketing agency that will provide a stellar service.
    To discuss your options going forward, simply get in touch with one of our team here at Yoma.