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    Magento Hosting: Understanding The Basics

    Magento Web Hosting

    If you run an ecommerce business, you’ll probably have had some exposure to a Magento installation. Magento is a platform that allows online businesses to control their entire online presence via one manageable system. If you’re considering installing Magento, here are a few things you need to know.

    Magento installation is flexible

    By choosing Magento hosting, you’re choosing a platform which can grow as you grow. Having to update your system every time you expand your business is a pain, but with Magento you can move from selling a few simple products to selling thousand without any major upheaval. Some systems use a one size fits all approach. Not Magento. This is a platform that offers easy customisation, so that you can ensure that your ecommerce site perfectly reflects the personality of your business. Magento Hosting

    Magento is user friendly

    Magento is not designed for technology whizz kids who can develop a website in their sleep. It’s designed for regular people who simply want their site to work effectively without unnecessary bells and whistles. That being said, once your business begins to really grow, Magento can also be extended with other components including plug-ins and themes to great effect. Magento is also user-friendly on the other side of the screen, for your customers. The shopping cart systems are fool-proof and Magento’s catalogue management tools mean that users can hunt down the right products quickly and easily.

    Magento is great at marketing

    When you’re an ecommerce business, you rely heavily upon a positive web presence. While physical high street stores can use engaging shop fronts and local word of mouth, all that you have to rely upon is successful search engine optimisation (SEO). Luckily, Magento hosting offers SEO to boost your search rankings, drawing more and more customers to your site. The most recent Magento updates even allow you to include customer loyalty incentives, such as rewards for repeat purchases, reward points and in-store credit.

    Magento is fast

    In a world where every great idea is a race to production, Magento is a platform that can be implemented for immediate use. The most basic Magento installation can be created to a high standard within a surprisingly short period of time, ensuring that you pip your competition to the post. Magento is fast from another point of view too. These days a slow system can be the difference between customers returning to you to make quick and easy purchases again and again, or leaving in frustration, looking for a faster competitor. Magento’s ecommerce systems include quick search tools, payment processes and great customer communication to keep your clients happy.

    Magento is supportive

    Magento is very clearly targeted at the needs of both businesses and customers. Customers are kept up to date with their orders, and are reached regularly with great marketing content such as e-shots and advertising, while business owners are able to understand the systems, usually without the need of external IT support. When help is needed, there is plenty of Magento support available from digital agencies that can help you with everything from setting up your system to giving it an overhaul. Find out more about Magento ecommerce right here on our blog or contact our expert team today.