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    Magento Live Conference Overview

    Magento Live Conference OverviewAlex and Elisabeth from the Yoma team recently headed down to London for the very first, and highly anticipated “Magento Live” conference.
    With over 400 leading eCommerce merchants, partners and developers invited to the conference in central London, key discussion topics throughout the day included Magento developments, eCommerce trends and growth - and plenty of networking opportunities for the team.
    The event began with an insight into Magento from the man himself, Roy Rubin - Co-founder and COO. Focusing on the needs of Magento customers and how the community can help accommodate these needs, Roy’s introduction truly set the standard and tone for the day.
    The event continued with an array of speakers from across the industry, including representatives from PayPal, Nexcess and Ebay. Yoma’s work was also included within the days’ events, with clients Rare London profiled by Neil Hamilton at the event!
    Between sessions, there was time for the team to network with the Magento community and of course, the official after party to finish the day off.
    Overall, Magento Live was a great success and extremely beneficial for the Yoma team, giving us a key insight into the future trends and developments within the community - which will help us improve future sites for our clients and hold our key position within the Magento community.
    Find out more about the event: http://www.magentoliveconference.com/