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    Next Energy

    Re-energising SEO to drive organic sessions

    The Challenge

    Next Energy started in 2016 utilising government funding to help people out of fuel poverty with central heating reinstallations with free boiler grants. The majority of their leads came from external companies but this was an expensive means of building a pipeline..

    Next Energy wanted more leads, but more importantly, direct leads.

    “Nearly all our leads were coming from other companies capturing enquires and then referring it to us for a high fee. As our business grew, so did the fees. We wanted to cut out the middle man with our own website. But we also wanted to become more self-sufficient and start getting our own enquiries.”
    Jon Furlong, Commercial Manager

    In order to improve its margins, the company needed to increase their organic visibility in search and boost traffic and qualified leads to the website.

    “The companies at the top of the food chain were getting direct leads and we wanted to be the same.”

    Competition in the industry was growing, with a number of local competitors offering similar solutions. Next Energy picked Yoma, based on our reputation and experience, to run an SEO campaign to help optimize their website for search.

    The Business

    Established in 2016, Next Energy has grown to be one of the most reputable, active and reliable domestic heating specialists in the United Kingdom.

    Amongst other energy-efficient services such as interior wall insulation, loft insulation and electric storage heating systems, they specialise in providing both gas and oil-fired boilers to domestic housing in both private and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) sectors.


    Transforming visibility with an extensive SEO strategy

    Our Approach

    The Yoma team created a comprehensive SEO strategy and implementation plan that encompassed technical on-page and off-page SEO enhancements.

    We used a variety of tried and tested approaches and a suite of resources to improve their technical site architecture.

    With the on-page SEO, we analysed the site pages and optimised them for specific keywords as well as enhancing all their digital assets to be content-rich and valuable for visitors.

    We also looked at Next Energy’s off-page SEO and analysed the quality of backlinks to see how these could be improved.

    We coupled this with improving Next Energy’s local SEO footprint in its home town of Liverpool and across the North West. We also added a number of location-based pages related to their Boiler Grants to boost local searches in their target area.

    “We were totally brand new to advertising, but Yoma really helped us. Nancy definitely helped us more than she needed to and gave us an insight into what would work. She also gave us invaluable advice about advertising in the Liverpool Echo and on the radio. If we hadn’t had her guidance, I think we would have wasted money and I don’t think we would have seen the great results we have done.”
    “Yoma helped us cut out the middle man so we were getting direct applications, getting better margins and bigger contracts.”

    Following the SEO improvements Yoma put in place, the number of applications Next Energy were receiving directly, rather than the third party, dramatically increased from 5-6 to 30 a day. This had a knock-on effect of increasing the company’s margins and giving them capital to grow the business.

    “Without the improvements to the website, we just wouldn’t have been able to grow the B2B side of our business and get more contracts.”

    What’s next? Although the project initially started out as an SEO project, the company are looking to add more content to their website with accreditations, case studies and details about the business.

    As the company grows, Yoma is continuing to work side by side with Next Energy to continually improve the website and make it as attractive and discoverable as possible.

    The Results

    in Organic Session
    in Overall Keyword Rankings
    in Volume of Keywords
    ranking on page 1

    “Our initial requirements were just about applications for heating and boilers, but now we’ve diversified as a business we want our website to reflect that. We are already in talks about adding more pages to the site and showcasing the work we have done on big projects. We now have our sights set on supporting the city of Liverpool reach net-zero”

    Jon Furlong - Commercial Manager
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