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    Linking front and back office with a Magento 2 & Epicor ECC integration

    The Challenge

    Despite Owlett-Jaton’s impressive processing abilities, next day delivery, and a vast stock-line, the company were facing growing demand from their customer base to provide more services and more support.

    To keep up with market demand, they needed a more scalable and personalised eCommerce platform, one that would also be flexible enough to continually grow their inventory and deliver more comprehensive product information.

    The company wanted to match their commitment to customer service, quality assurance and customer support with an eCommerce solution that was flexible and scalable to keep them at the forefront of the industry.

    This meant designing a sophisticated B2B web platform that would not only offer their customers personalised eCommerce functionality but deliver an intuitive user experience (UX). The site also needed to have advanced functionality and be able to differentiate pricing for distributors and merchant trade.

    Yoma’s challenge, therefore, was to increase conversions in the company’s B2B market with a focus on UX and design improvements using Magento 2.

    On top of this, the final solution needed to be tightly integrated with their existing Epicor ERP, sophisticated warehouse operations and the shop front.

    The Business

    Hexstone is the company behind leading fasteners and fixing experts Owlett-Jaton, JCP Fixings, Stainless Threaded Fasteners, Icon Fasteners and Righton Fasteners.

    Owlett-Jaton is the UK and Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier of fasteners and fixings and associated products. Their 30,000 product line supplies both distributors and merchant trade and they process around 7,000 lines per day.

    Based in Stone, Staffordshire, Owlett-Jaton hold a comprehensive stock range in their 130,000 sq ft warehouse with a set of the art warehouse picking system that enables them to process very low minimum order levels across the UK.


    Improving UX and driving traffic

    Our Approach

    The main goal was to increase traffic to the website and ultimately increase sales through improved UI/UX. So, Yoma set about delivering a brand new Magento 2 (M2) website integrated with Owlett Jaton’s Epicor ERP via
    Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC).

    Yoma is Epicor’s only partner in the UK and we were able to draw on our extensive knowledge of Epicor, ECC and our enhanced working relationship to plan the design and integration.

    The new M2 website consolidated three of the Hexstone brands, seeing two of the brands fall under the other and become obsolete.

    Using gated eCommerce functionality users were also given accounts that provided personalised, account based pricing and checkout options.

    We also worked on improving Owlett-Jaton’s product information, giving increased visibility of performance data sheets, installation instructions and other guidance for their customers.

    The final result was a site that was clear and easy to use with an improved UX across the site and fully usable on a mobile, tablet or laptop.

    The Results

    Magento 2
    ECC Functionality
    Trade Customers
    access only to online ordering functionality
    Trading Area
    which is open publicity
    of a simple user-friendly theme for the front end look and feel
    Fully Responsive
    on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

    “The final website delivered by Yoma meant we were able to give our customers multiple options and the best information about the product. On top of this, the enhanced functionality for our customers has definitely improved our sales.”

    Mark Dimelow – IT Manager Hexstone
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