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    Supporting upgrades and providing continual improvement to grow digital revenues

    The Challenge

    The site is built on Mangento2 using Epicor ECC to integrate with Epicor ERP which provides real time stock levels, customer specific pricing and comprehensive customer self service portal.

    Following the development by a 3rd party agency, the site moved to the post live phase where upgrades and security patches would need to be managed. Definition of enhancements, new features and functionality presented significant opportunities to improve processes and user experience.

    Statlab sought a more proactive agency relationship with Yoma, where the site could be regularly updated, maintained and developed. It was vital that any eCommerce solution would be able to grow, flex and scale with their business.


    The Business

    Based in the United States, Statlab has been a leading supplier of medical & diagnostics supplies for over 45 years. Working from state of the art facilities and delivering highly certified products from their 2 distribution centres in Texas and Maryland.

    Statlab places huge value in customer experience, recognising they are one part of a huge chain that facilitates health care and how impactful that can be on people’s lives. This translates to a focus on efficiency, accuracy and consistency.

    Following acquisitions and mergers of subsidiaries, the Statlab site was launched as an eCommerce channel to allow customers to order in an efficient and flexible way.

    Our Approach

    Epicor recommended Yoma as the right partner for Statlab, regardless of the international and time zone constraints. Our track record of supporting our clients beyond their initial live date gave all parties the confidence they needed.

    Establishing a working routine across the timezones was perhaps the simplest element.

    As the site had been in operation for some time before coming under the Yoma teams control, there were several hygiene tasks required. This included upgrading to the latest versions of Magento2 including any required service packs.

    Though the close working relationship with Epicor and Yoma have, upgrades to Epicor ECC were also completed alongside the suite of extensions and custom functions within the site build.

    Once the site frameworks were up to date, the more interesting enhancements were undertaken. This included:


    • Enhancements to Menu and Category Navigation to help ease of use with large catalogue of products
    • Enhanced favourites lists providing ability to save and amend quantities of products for returning and repeat customers.
    • Redesign of Important product information display
    • Editable benefits bar header highlight new deals, USPs or key information
    • Website pricing visibility to help drive sales to the site rather than the traditional sales rep route.
    • Resolved ECC implementation issues such as customers with large numbers of addresses and login accounts.
    • New Search Display to give control to the admin over which products show in search as well as include CMS pages in search results.

    Yoma stepped in to support our established Magento 2 and ECC integration in 2021. Since that time, the Yoma team have successfully deployed several Magento and ECC upgrades to our site, as well as a number of custom developments and features. They have provided us with proactive suggestions, assisted with solving complex development issues, and have proved to be of great value and support to our digital operations.

    Thanks to their involvement, we have increased our digital share of overall revenues and are confident we will continue to see success.”

    Mike Slater - Lead Developer - Statlab
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