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    Realex and Yoma Collaborate on New Magento eCommerce Plugin

    Realex has launched a new plugin for Magento Community and Enterprise which enhances the already feature-rich capabilities of Magento, the world’s leading open source e-commerce platform.
    magento ecommerce
    Teaming up with Yoma, a Magento Silver Solutions Partner, they have built a Magento eCommerce plugin structured around Realex Payments’ core values of Service, Security and Innovation.

    #1 – Optimise Your Store

    Seamless Checkout Experience

    Between 47% and 72% of shoppers abandon purchases on mobile devices due to checkout friction, and the majority will not go on to pick up the order on a desktop device. Mobile commerce must be rooted in the design of your store.
    Realex Payments delivers the most mobile-friendly user experience of any gateway. The Hosted Payment Page is responsive by design to display perfectly on any device. Customers will benefit from easy payments, whether they are browsing a store on their phone or on their tablet at home. With Realex Payments, businesses can store customers’ card details to provide a one-click checkout, making the mobile payment process even easier for repeat customers.

    #2 – Boost Conversion

    Tokenisation & One-Step-Checkout

    Business owners spend a lot of time getting their store just right so customers want to go back, so tokenisation enables retention of customers’ card details for next time without all the PCI headaches that come with card storage.
    Their saved card(s) will be available for use next time via a handy drop-down menu, and then they’re just one click away from their next purchase, which means customers will be able to view their saved cards within their Magento profile and can delete or update them if required. All card data is securely stored in RealVault.
    Store owners are also able to view all saved cards through a user-friendly management terminal, which monitors whether a customer’s cards are about to expire and then can provide the option to email them with an incentive to update their card.
    As a Magento admin, they’ll be able to update and remove customers’ cards, plus also set up recurring billing through the Realex Payments transaction reporting and management tool – RealControl.

    Abandoned Carts

    For any store owner, abandoned carts are a serious issue. So, to help reduce cart abandonment, Realex’s new integration offers wide-ranging and comprehensive insights into orders, from identifying whether a customer forgot their 3DSecure passphrase from a clear record in the Magento orders tab so a business can get in touch and rescue the sale - to declined transactions, to see a concise breakdown of the reason for transaction failure. Then the business can easily pick up the order from their Magento account profile.
    For carts that are abandoned earlier on in the order life-cycle, they can check the Incomplete Orders tab that provides insight into all failed orders.

    #3 – Beat Fraud

    Advanced Fraud Management

    The advanced fraud tool enables Magento Community and Enterprise users to assess transactions under a range of criteria, including order value, billing and shipping country, currency and card type. based on a range of criteria including order value, billing or shipping country, currency or card type. Businesses can assess transactions based on the overall fraud result or drill down to see the results of the individual fraud checks.
    Or they may choose to channel a high-value transaction through a more stringent fraud analysis or allow a low-value transaction to bypass 3DSecure Cardholder Authentication.
    After a transaction has been processed, you can flag the order for further review based on the results of billing address verification, the security code checks and 3DSecure Cardholder Authentication.

    Comprehensive Order Management

    An important goal of this integration for Realex was to allow users to manage orders within Magento at all key points of the order life-cycle. Retailers may have to manage hundreds of orders a day - that’s why the new Magento integration allows you to capture, refund and void orders straight from the Admin Panel.
    You can review the 3DSecure Cardholder Authentication outcome, the fraud check results and other details before settlement. Then you can send a settlement request to Realex Payments and start shipping the order.
    Refunding is made easy too with the Magento Admin Panel, that allows to create a Credit Memo. This will return the funds back to the customer’s card. And if the customer paid for delivery but has now decided to pick up in-store, the business can easily edit the refund amount to return the delivery cost only.