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    Integrate Your Search & Display

    From FMCG brands to High Street Banks it seems everyone is jumping on the Display Advertising band wagon – and quite right so! 2011 promises to be an exciting year all round for online and Display is taking its place.
    With a plethora of brands vying for positions across various media networks building an effective Display campaign can help organisations meet their overall marketing goals whilst being innovative.
    As with any goal understanding your orientation is key, here at Yoma we like to talk – it’s good to; talking to our clients is one of the principle ways we go about understanding their goals and their orientation; Sales based, Brand based or any other number of objectives that there are.
    Working with a number of clients, we are building up their online portfolios by integrating Display advertising with their traditional Search Marketing. Key to this effort is synchronising messaging across all areas to ensure the marketing message is leveraged with Punch! The great thing about consistent messaging is that using catchy tag lines or the same product ranges ensures your offering is firmly in the eye of potential customers.
    Having had a bad press in the past for not being able to produce the same direct sales results as Display it now positions itself as occupying a key place in the buying cycle of consumers alongside Search. A recent study by Atlas 1 identified that integrated Search and Display campaigns could result in a conversion rate lift of up to 22%.
    Understanding that they can work together, being able to review data from campaigns effectively and act on it is a core element of Yoma’s marketing ethos. Having established relationships and in-house experience we are able to offer clients the option of pushing ads across Google’s Search and Display networks and Microsoft’s Search and Display networks – reaching most of the online community!