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    The Chrome Extensions Every Digital Marketing Expert Should Know

    Google Chrome Extensions

    Negotiating the minefield that is the world of Google Chrome extensions is far from a straight-forward task. With thousands and thousands to choose from, how can you separate the wheat from the chaff, and collect a range of extensions for every purpose without cramping your browser’s address bar? To help you solve this increasingly complex yet common issue, we have put together an assortment of what we believe are the most essential Chrome extensions for any digital marketing expert.

    Open SEO Stats

    With close to 300,000 users, it is fair to say that Open SEO Stats is no secret in the SEO community. And the sheer volume of downloads speak to just how useful it is. Open SEO Stats quickly assembles all of the details you could possibly want to know about a webpage and displays it all and in one convenient location. Within seconds, everything from the speed of the webpage to the IP address is available with the click of a mouse - making it an absolute necessity for any so-called digital marketing expert.


    NoFollow will make your life as a digital marketer much easier - guaranteed. Simply put, it identifies any nofollow links that may be present on the page you are viewing by surrounding them with a dotted red line, which is ideal for spotting which links are giving your site value and which are not. NoFollow works almost without you noticing and the dotted red boxes straddle the line between obvious and subtle perfectly. Obvious enough that you’ll recognise nofollow links whenever you need to, and subtle enough to avoid being an overbearing presence.


    Without some kind of automated assistance, your email inbox can quickly turn into a labyrinthine web of smoke and mirrors. To help you navigate what can become a nightmarish mess, it is 100% worth enlisting the services of the Boomerang Google Chrome extension. By giving you reminders when you haven’t heard back, blocking out incoming emails until you’re ready, adjusting emails for different time zones, Boomerang’s range of services will make your relationship with email a far healthier one.


    Vital to the development of any business is the accumulation of important contacts, and Hunter will allow you to do just that with absolute ease. By flicking it on, it will present you with a list of registered email addresses for that particular domain. If that wasn’t already enough, it also differentiates between the different email addresses it has collected by traffic light colours - which represent how likely they are to be active.

    Honourable mentions

    Hubspot Sales

    The more sales-minded amongst you may prefer Hubspot Sales to Boomerang - which will notify you when any email you have sent is opened amongst other functions. In spite of the competition between the two, they actually synchronise pretty well and it may be worth getting them both on board.

    Check My Links

    You won’t find a more complete link analysis tool than Check My Links. It assesses every single link on a web page and breaks them down into four categories complete with colour coding: valid link, valid redirecting link, warning, and invalid link - perfect for SEO.
    As much as these extensions will help with SEO and digital marketing in general, there is no substitute for enlisting the aid of knowledgeable and experienced SEO services Liverpool.