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    The Importance of Social Media!

    With 91% of online adults worldwide now regularly using Social Media on a daily basis, sites such as Facebook and Twitter have fast become a key business development solution for brands and businesses looking to connect, interact, target and advertise to new and potential customers.
    If you’re not sold of the thought of embracing social media for your business, here's a few key statistics that may change your mind;

    - Facebook now has over 1 billion active users.

    - Twitter has over 140 million active users.

    - 65% of the world’s top companies now have an active social media profile.
    - 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns.
    - 43% of marketers have noticed an improvement in sales due to social campaignsHere at YOMA, we have a wide range of social media clients who, with our help, are embracing Social Media and the positive results that come with it.
    YOMA use Social Media for clients to create communities around both your business and customers to build brand presence and interaction. To find out more about YOMA social media services, click here.
    If you're interested in finding out more about how YOMA can help your business embrace Social Media, please contact:
    Email: sales@yoma.co.uk
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