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    Top Tips For Increasing Your Conversion Rates Over Christmas

    conversion rate
    With Christmas slowly creeping up, there is still plenty of time to make changes to your site to help improve the all-important conversion rate over the festive period.
    eConsultancy.com have recently posted an impressive list of 35 useful tips to increase conversions, speaking to online retailers and e-commerce experts for tips.
    Here at YOMA, we have picked out our top 8 tips from the article to share with you – helping you make the most of the online Christmas spending season...
    1. Free Delivery
    Offering free delivery is a great way to encourage users to choose your business over you competitors during this critical shopping season.
    2. Delivery
    Delivery is a high priority over the Christmas period, so make sure the last date for customers to receive their delivery’s before Christmas is clear and all delivery information is easily accessible.
    3. Christmas Rush
    If it is possible for you to sell products online and deliver on time the closer to Christmas, the better – targeting last minute shoppers is a great way to get ahead of your competition.
    4. January Sales
    Keep your eye on the ball – collect your key data over the Christmas period and target these key customers again in January to promote your business’s January sales – a great tip suggested by eConsultancy is to offer users a gift vouched, redeemable in January.
    5. Promos and Incentives
    Break boundaries with your business's competitions – understand what your customer really wants and offer them a key incentive to shop with you over Christmas, rather than 10% a product they have no interested in.
    6. Offer Support
    Prepare your customer service team for the busy Christmas period – ensure all staff are aware of online promotions, discounts and delivery information, ensuring everyone is on the same page within the business and delivering the correct information to customers at all times.
    7. Christmas Day
    Don’t forget Christmas Day! There has been an increase of users shopping online on Christmas day over the past few years – be sure that your business is prepared for sales on this day.
    8. Mobile & Tablet friendly
    Make sure your site is easy to use via smartphone and tablets. As more and more users are shopping via mobile devices, you don’t want to miss out on the additional traffic and possible sales from these devices.
    If you have any questions regarding Christmas preparations for your business, please contact the team at YOMA:
    Email: sales@yoma.co.uk
    Telephone: 0844 704 8864
    Website: https://www.yoma.co.uk/