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    The 4 Most Useful Email Marketing Tools

    Email Marketing

    As far as digital marketing tools go, email marketing is often overlooked in favour of SEO and PPC. Any digital marketing agency worth its salt though, will push email marketing campaigns just as much as all their other online factors for the simple fact that it is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing products and services.
    The benefits of email are plenty, not least it’s ability to carry on a dialogue with your customer base long after they have showed interest in your brand. As a digital marketing agency, we would love to run your email campaigns for you, but there are alternatives for those just starting their own business!
    Here are some of the best and brightest email marketing tools you can utilise to give your business a quick push in the right direction.


    This is one of the most popular email marketing services on the market; and for good reason. The ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple platforms, including Wordpress and Magento to name but a few, is one of its major strengths. Emails are easy to create, autoresponders can be set up, A/B testing is a feature, and you can segment contacts into targeted data pots to make personalisation easier.
    The use of emojis in subject lines has been something that Email Marketeers have wanted to get their hands on. MailChimp allows you to include emojis in your subject lines, a fun feature most free email service providers don't offer out of the box.
    Another major strength of MailChimp is the sheer amount you can do on their free package – offering you the ability to manage a whopping 2000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. If your database grows substantially whilst using the platfrom, MailChimp has affordable upgrades to allow you to store more data.


    Another heavy-hitter in the email marketing world, an easy-to-use solution that those with even the most basic of knowledge about email could pick up quickly. Emails are created simply using drag and drop features, this is great for those who haven’t quite mastered email HTML, and targeting is as simple as grouping certain emails into segments.
    The ability to send forms with your emails and include A/B testing to see what emails yield the best results are another reason why GetResponse is a cut above the rest. Price plans start at £10 a month for the bare minimum of 1000 subscribers and price plans can be customised for then on to suit any business’s needs.


    A truly ideal mail package for bloggers - the beauty of this email tool is that whatever package you choose everything but the number of subscribers is unlimited – so you can send as many emails, forms and automation rules as your heart desires. Their easily digestible auto response makes sending drip emails much less of a chore!
    The ConvertKit package comes with full email based support and the ability to use their extensive email knowledge to hone your email craft with their on-site learning material. Prices start from $29 a month for the cheapest package of up to 1000 subscribers.

    Campaign Monitor

    The ability to personalise each email with customer information is one of the huge draws that Campaign Monitor can offer their customers – making emails personal to the recipient is a huge draw in encouraging click through rates! Emails are built using a drop and drop feature so if a simplified approach is what you are after then they would be perfect for you.
    They offer 24/7 email and online support, with an additional feature of phone support if you belong to their premier package. Prices start from £9 with the ability to send 2500 emails to 500 subscribers, which can be tailored to suit your needs.
    There we have it, four of the most useful email marketing tools. If you want a digital marketing agency with a proven track record in successful email campaigns then look no further than Yoma for your complete email marketing solution! We are partnered with Dotmailer, the powerful email marketing tool that works seamlessly with Magento.