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    Yoma & Epicor’s Partnership to Accelerate B2B Ecommerce in the UK

    At Yoma, we actively look to form partnerships with complementary companies that will help strengthen our eCommerce offering to our clients. It allows us to offer the best service and expertise possible to deliver outstanding results for our clients. 

    Our most recent partnership was with the US-based company, Epicor in 2019. 

    Epicor is one of the largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors in the world. We believe that our partnership is not only a natural, but a strategic fit, that will benefit businesses here in the UK.

    Together, we combine decades worth of industry and eCommerce experience. We are both focused on removing inefficiency and realising the growth of companies by integrating offline and online experiences.

    Our partnership gives us an unparalleled ability to tightly integrate Epicor ERP systems with our online commerce solutions that will transform the sales experience for your B2B and B2C customers.

    About Epicor

    Epicor’s ERP solutions offer a powerful suite of enterprise resource planning solutions so businesses can manage information, streamline, automate and scale to make a “better business.”  Epicor has dedicated  ERP software for businesses in specific industries: manufacturing, distribution, and building supply businesses. 

    Epicor’s years of experience and “uniquely deep industry knowledge” have created industry-specific software curated to meet the needs of businesses.

    Epicor E10

    The Epicor E10 solution is designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors. 

    Epicor BisTrack

    The Epicor BisTrack solution has been developed for the building trade and is designed to manage, complex processes and provide comprehensive visibility through a real-time flow of information. 

    Why Epicor chose YOMA to be their UK eCommerce partner

    Yoma has spent over a decade designing and deploying eCommerce Magento platforms for multinational, B2B and independent retailers. Today, we are one of the most experienced Magento agencies in the UK. 

    We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding eCommerce platforms for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers and integrating them with their Epicor ERP systems.

    Since 2016, we have also successfully delivered Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) in conjunction with Epicor E10 and Epicor BisTrack and Magento 2 platforms for B2B and B2C markets.

    Epicor knew of our work in the UK and our successful track record of delivering frictionless eCommerce integrations for clients with Epicor’s ERP systems. We also have proven results of working with clients like Julian Charles, and First Choice Catering with UX design and enhancement of their Magento eCommerce platforms as well as integrating their Epicor ERP systems using ECC. (To find out more, just visit our Works page)

    This coupled with the transformative results we were delivering for our clients, such as increased conversions, increased market share and boosted customer retention made us stand out. 

    It felt like a natural progression and a strategic move for YOMA to blend our commerce skills with Epicor and become their partner here in the UK. Together we provide an enhanced offering to help accelerate the growth of your business and achieve your commerce goals.

    What the Epicor & YOMA partnership means for your business

    Our strategic partnership means that we can draw on Epicor’s wealth of industry knowledge. We also have enhanced access to their integration team. It also means your online transition is in very safe hands. 

    As a Yoma client, you can expect continuous development and growth and access to innovations that will help you keep ahead of the curve. 

    Together YOMA and Epicor offer companies the potential to expand into omnichannel, design intuitive frictionless customer journeys, and the ability to scale. Our combined, deep industry knowledge means we can help you stay ahead of the competition and exceed your customer/merchant wants and needs.

    Accelerating growth with YOMA and Epicor Customer Connect (ECC)

    YOMA integrates your Epicor ERP solution through ECC. ECC is designed to get manufacturers, distributors, and merchants online effortlessly. As an Epicor ERP customer, ECC is the only eCommerce solution that offers tight integration with your Epicor ERP to create a unified and scalable presence online. Whether you use Epicor E10, Prophet 21, or BisTrack, utilizing ECC will give you a sophisticated eCommerce solution that provides a seamless 360 live view across your back-end operations and your online store.  

    ECC’s powerful B2B and B2C toolsets give you valuable self-service features to dramatically improve your sales cycles and create an exceptional online experience for your buyers. 

    ECC works with the world’s leading eCommerce platform, Magento, allowing you to remain in sync with your business operations while offering an enhanced UX for your buyers with Magento features. Magento and ECC are closely integrated together, providing feature-rich functionality with ECC’s advanced commerce capabilities.  The ECC platform provides your business with an online storefront that is fully flexible and able to draw on Magento’s custom app marketplace to help you meet new demands and future needs.

    ECC is also hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the largest and most trusted cloud infrastructure platforms. With Microsoft Azure, ECC is fully supported by a global network of secure data centres enabling data management at scale. 

    As an existing Epicor client, taking that next step to grow your eCommerce with ECC can seem daunting. 

    We work with you and Epicor on a collaborative ECC roadmap, to not only manage the technical integration but ensure you benefit from any innovations.

    We also offer a complete support service with hands-on project management, post-go-live support, and client growth checkpoints. We will make your move to ECC a continuing success by offering all our customers a full digital strategy to complement your eCommerce solution.

    Technology is moving fast. 

    Epicor and YOMA can help you move faster. We can help you adapt to changing market forces, customer demands and supplier needs. 

    Contact us to find out how YOMA and Epicor ECC can transform the way you do businessTo find out more about our B2B eCommerce Magento and Epicor ERP/ECC integrations, just visit our Work Page