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    Yoma Wins DEA Award

    2011 will be remembered as the year in which social media really exploded. Be it celebrities, companies, politicians or TV programmes, everybody wants you to engage with them online. Social media’s new found importance is demonstrated by how people used it in the aftermath of the August Riots. Thousands of astounded people took to Twitter and discovered a growing social outreach movement reacting to what had happened. The Riotcleanup movement used Twitter to encourage people to come together and help restore areas caught up in the destruction. Riotcleanup was major success; people showed up where they were needed in their droves to help restore their communities. That social media has now become so powerful that it can react to events and organise public response faster than even the government can highlights just how important it has become.
    Social media isn’t the only thing that has been steadily developing over the course of 2011. It has also been a massive year for Yoma too as we continue to make an impact in the digital world. 2011 has seen us go from strength to strength and our success hasn’t gone unnoticed within the industry. A fine year was capped off with the news that Yoma are to be awarded the title of Web Development Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2011 Digital Entrepreneur Awards in Manchester. We are particularly proud of our web development capabilities and consider it a real honour to receive the accolade from our peers.
    Over the year we have used our specialist knowledge in open source e-commerce and CMS platforms such as Magento and Joomla to create fresh, innovative and effective websites for major clients such as The Cavern Club, Soap and Glory, Wilkinsons and Barker and Stonehouse. These, now award-winning web builds not only offer easy navigation to users but also great return on investment for our clients who are benefitting greatly as a result of their new found, cutting edge web presence.
    Brilliant web design is not all we have done this year though. Our specialist teams of SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing experts also enjoyed a successful 2011. Our wealth of experience right across the digital spectrum has resulted in real success for our clients and growth for Yoma. Although we are extremely proud of our achievements we certainly aren’t about to rest on our laurels. It is our aim to make 2012 just as successful, exciting and fun as last year for both us and our clients, we hope you can join us.